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Session Prep Guide - Frequently Asked Questions:


To ensure the safety and health for your family and my own, the following precautions are put into place.

  • If you or a member of your family are displaying any symptoms of illness, such as (but not limited to), a fever of over 99 degrees, coughing of any kind, diarrhea, vomiting, within 48 hours of your session - we will need to reschedule.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 

  • Treats are usually given to the kids in my sessions. Please advise if you are not comfortable with this. 

  • At your comfort level, I will wear a mask when needing to be closer to your family.  

  • I will limit physical contact and will incorporate more verbal instructions. 

  • I will bring along hand sanitizer for use (by all, if requested).

You're booked! You have a date picked. Now what? 

I'm sure you have a million questions running through your head. Don't worry, these should answer most of them, and I'm here to answer any others you may have. 

Scroll on through for FAQ such as: 

  • What to wear 

  • Where, when, & how long

  • Children's behavior 

  • Weather

  • Cake Smashes/First Birthdays

  • Final gallery

Happy planning! 


What to wear: 

Founder & CEO

One of the first questions I receive! This is, of course, very important, as this helps define your entire session. You want to look great, but you also want to be comfortable. 

Some important tips: 

  • Coordinate, don't match. 

  • Avoid clothes with words on them (they look jumbled, ew). 

  • Avoid neon colors & crazy/loud prints (we want to focus on you!) 


Clothes should compliment you and your body type (women, men, children, whoever). Accessories enhance your outfit (clunky jewelry, scarf, any accent color, etc). 

Be sure to layer depending on the season, especially with kids. Be comfortable & love how you look. 

Have one outfit in mind for someone? Work around that person. Solids with a pop of print here and there will work beautifully. Want some inspiration? Take a look around my work, and of course, Pinterest! I've created a board just for you here.

I've also created an Amazon list just for you with some favorites! Feel free to start getting inspired here. (Amazon links are commissioned)

Where to Go

We will discuss this in further detail. Where can we go? The options are endless!


Somethings I will take into consideration are: 

  • Your location

  • Overall availability for specific locations

  • Your vision (do you prefer lots of greenery? are you into fields? etc) 

  • Do you have a favorite image I've taken that sparks your interest? 

Keeping in mind any travel restrictions, we discuss this one a bit further. Following your booking, I can provide specific location guides that I have created where you can see specific samples of specific locations. 

If you have something different in mind - I'm all ears! 

When & How long:

Office Manager

I know what you're thinking: "My kids will not last for an hour. and my kids sleep at xyz time." 

What if I told you it's ok? What if I told you we make it all work out well? We really do! 

As I've mentioned in the booking process: I will shoot closer to sunset time 99.9% of the time for my sessions. Typically no earlier than 120 minutes (ish) prior to the sunset. This, of course, is dependent on location, weather, and the time of year (November is very different from July!)

Your children will become my friends. Our full session will last up to one hour. My average session lasts 40 minutes to 60 minutes. And yes, the kids do really well! 

We will walk around, we will explore, we will have candid moments, there will be cuddles, laughter, tears (it's ok!), and grumpy faces (my favorite!). Children are resilient and the new and exciting thing (along with some bribery) tends to work out really well! 

I rely solely on natural light for your session, and because there may be other clients after your session, please plan on arriving at least 5-10 minutes prior to your session start time. Sessions cannot be extended due to tardiness - sorry!

My children won't listen:

Product Manager

This one goes a little bit with the previous post.. Trust me... I get it. 

My kids are little monsters. There, I've said it.

They are beautiful, they are mine, and I love them.

But guess what: This is exactly why I hire someone else to take a picture of them! My kids do not listen to me. 

It turns out - some kids listen to strangers better than their own parents. Go figure!


Here's my tip: it's ok. Trust me. 

The running around is ok! Saying "cheese" is not natural anyways! Look at all the beautiful captures we can get by playing, running, cuddling, hugging, etc. Relax and keep reasonable expectations. 

Keep the day as stress-free as possible. Let them know in advance what the "schedule" is. Oh, and bribery? It goes a long way! 

Cake Smashes & First Birthdays

Office Manager

Your baby is turning 1! Your session is best scheduled approximately a month before their birthday (if you're looking for pictures to share the day of), or in the weeks leading up to it.


Our session will end with a focus on your little one, but please note... these children are still little! Enjoy the moment, through tears and all.


If we are planning a cake smash, we need to respect the location we are going to. So please follow the next few tips:

Please plan on having outfit changes ready to go (you will need to transport this during our session). 

Please be sure your cakes are NOT: red velvet or chocolate (can you guess why?).

Cakes should be buttercream or similar frosting (NO fondant). And cakes should be close to room temperature at the time of our session to allow for easy digging in. 

Please plan to pack: a cake stand or something similar, a cake box to store the cake (before/after), baby wipes, paper towels, trash bags, and a fresh outfit change for after the messy fun! 

Limit your props, and ensure whatever you bring is easily carried during your session. 

Join in! Seriously! Cake is always a fun thing to end with.

Weather & Final Gallery:

Product Manager


Hey, I get it. Mother Nature does not like to cooperate with me sometimes! I do not cancel sessions days in advance for the expectation of clouds, slight rain, etc. What I do, however, is consistently keep an eye on the weather until several hours prior to our session (things can change very last minute). 

In the case we need to reschedule due to major weather, it is not an issue and we will coordinate to ensure your session is taken care of. 


You can expect your fully edited gallery in about 2 to 4 weeks from your session. The possibility to receive it varies on the time of year. You will choose your favorite images (based on the package you booked) and your images will be readily available to download upon confirmation. Easy, peasy! 

Extensive edits: If for some reason, someone in your session was injured and there are things like bruising, etc, this is outside of my scope of editing. Depending on the look, we may need to reschedule or outsource the edit. 

Final tips: 

Office Manager

For some reason, the day always seems to be crazy and hectic leading up to your session. It's ok! Take deep breaths and try your best to keep things as normal (and on a schedule!) as possible. 

  • Get rest the night before

  • Full & happy bellies (for everyone!) 

  • Make it a "special" day. You're dressed up - make it a special evening! 

  • Feel free to bring reinforcement (snacks, treats, etc) 

  • Depending on the weather, feel free to bring along a blanket (we can use for cuddling shots or simply for warmth in between shots).

  • Baby wipes for snotty noses, messy hands and faces are a plus! 

And please remember - children sense your anxieties. Again, take a deep breath and just enjoy this time as a family. 

I ask that you please refrain from phone usage (unless it's a last resort!) and cameras, as this is a distraction.

I got you.

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