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Announcement: Wedding & Family Coverage

Announcement: August 2022

When I first took up Photography, I was 15 years old and in High School. My school offered this as an option so I chose this as my second option for a class. Drama class was full. The rest is history.

My studies were black and white photography (one day, I'll go search for this and share). I learned to take images on film. I learned to develop each roll. I started in a dark room (like, what?! This was the early 2000's still, it wasn't even that long ago!)

I fell in love. I eventually got a digital camera and played around. I didn't do it too heavily. I thought I'd want to study this in college and attempted to sign up for a higher level in high school. I got declined as my teacher at the time said I "didn't have promise in photography." Ouch. Those words lingered with me, and still do until this day.

My son was born in 2012 and I figured I should try again. I took pictures of him at home (mommy goggles!) and eventually made a post offering family photography. It took off like wildfire. Within months, I was booking consistently, making life-long clients.

Eventually, I started dabbling in weddings. The thrill, adrenaline, and experience of it were beautiful to my career. I met so many amazing people. I saw so many amazing emotions. I was truly a "Wedding & Family Photographer".

I held that title for several years and I was proud of it.

But I got tired. Somewhere along the way, I started burning myself out. Burn-out is REAL and it does not only apply to a 9-5 (which, I still have).

I painfully decided that perhaps photographing large weddings were no longer something I should do. I was burning out on keeping up with editing, while at the same time, taking care of my children as a single parent. It was hard.

Watching my fellow photographers kick ass and grow as wedding photographers was difficult mentally and I struggled with my decision.

And so - this is where I have decided that I will no longer offer full wedding coverage. But my journey isn't over! My love for photography will be reserved for families and elopements/micro-weddings. I still love weddings. I still love love. My focus now will be on smaller, more intimate affairs, on a very limited basis.

I will continue to work with my fellow photographers as a "second shooter" and as an associate, where the need arises. I will continue to work with all potential clients in finding the right coverage for them, even if that means it can't be me. I will continue to offer family coverage (maternity, engagement, couples, families, children, so on) to my current (and new!) clients.

I am still here, things are just shifting to make sure that I spend as much time doing what I love, in a way that is beneficial for me and my family.

I can't thank my clients enough for the last 10+ years. I am in tears writing this. This journey has been beautiful for me and it amazes me each year the amount of growth I've had and how much beauty I've seen behind the camera. I have made so many amazing friends along they way.

Thank you. Thank you all for supporting me.

From the teenager with "no promise" ... look at me now.

This passion isn't over. I can't wait to keep growing with you guys.


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