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Crush Childhood Cancer 2022

Ooh boy, this is a heck of an event! First & foremost, please visit Crush Childhood Cancer's website for more information on this amazing non-profit organization.

I had the amazing pleasure of donating my time & images for this event pre-pandemic and was able to once again join this year. Every year, it is more and more rewarding. It truly reminds me of how powerful the magic is of photography.

My little crew joined me on this day and participated in the Family Walk and the Car Crushing (dude, amazing, really). This was so important for us as a family to participate in!

I worked with each family this year for a "mini mini mini" session. We got pictures together as a family and provided each Crush Child with so much love and cuddles! There were plenty of grumpy "do we have to" comments, but, hey, that's life!

The car crushing itself is a major moment. Crush Families get to participate, as well as friends' support. It's such an emotional moment - so much anger, sadness, relief...

See all images for 2022's Event Here: Crush Childhood Cancer 2022













Crush Childhood Cancer has a mission to financially and emotionally support families whose children have cancer. This has grown tremendously throughout the years and it's with support of people like YOU.

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