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Jackie & Johnathan | Chester Springs, PA

Jackie & Johnathan - Chester Springs, PA

Johnathan turned 8 this year. Every year - I comment on how big he is and am always shocked that he's getting older. I've known this beautiful duo since he was barely 1 year old! Even though we only see each other once a year, he ran to me from the car and we gave each other the bestest of hugs!

It's always a pleasure watching this growth.

Jackie & Johnathan are always so fun to photograph! We've incorporated Georgia May over the last few years, adding a bit of crazy to spice things up! This mom & son relationship is so sweet, and I comment each year how we'll always have the moment where Johnathan will always cuddle mommy - no matter how big he gets!

We were able to enjoy the beautiful foliage of Chester Springs. It was a new place I explored and it just gave us the most beautiful of images!

Oh, and how about this one? Mom insisted I get in. I'm ok with that! Let's make it a tradition!


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