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J & J - Poole Forge, PA

Johnathan and his mom have been with me every year since... Johnathan would run away from me and giggle. It's been a few years! Each year I'm in awe of how big he's gotten and how old he now is (little buddy, stop growing.

Our sessions involve a little less running around from me, but still so much fun with a mixture of dancing, playing, yoga, and overall silliness.

We met up for my LAST session of 2020 and these two did not disappoint. While it was cold and a bit "blah" of a day (ok, how about I put my coffee on top of my car before I left and then.... well, you can guess where it went), we made it such a beautiful session in Poole Forge. I look forward to seeing this little dude every year and am always amazed at how much one little guy can grow.

Can't wait to make new magic with you guys in 2021!


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