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M & S Family - West Chester, PA

I first met this family at Tim & Suzana's bridal shower. We connected with our Brazilian backgrounds, so I felt right at home with their family! We then continued with their wedding and from there, I've truly been able to watch this family grow! Tim & Suzana had their little one and now, here we all are: a mini extended session including Suzana's sister Isabel (who has the SAME name as MY sister!) and her family!

We weren't up for many smiles today, but in all fairness - it was cold!

A little bit of mommy time is always so sweet, don't you agree?

We captured a few of their family unit as a whole (p.s. this makes for AWESOME gifts for parents/grandparents!). It's so cool to see the little cousins, so close in age, and Emmett taking such good care of everyone!

Besides Suzana's wedding, this was the first time I got Isabel's family in front of the camera. I'm hoping for a few more in the future (and on a not so cold day!), but I know the distance (she came from Maryland!) makes things a bit tougher!

My little helper for the wedding grew leaps and bounds in the time since I last saw him!

The newest addition was full of happy smiles!

....especially when playing and loving mommy!

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