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The B Family - Downtown West Chester, PA

This session was such a fun one, for so many reasons!

Mom is a friend and fellow photographer, so the added personal touch to our session made things a little more exciting (and made me kinda nervous!). She planned the family outfits, and WOW, they looked amazing.

We walked around the West Chester (PA is truly beautiful, y'all) area, incorporating cuddles, dancing, and posing as we walked. The girls showed their personalities with me in a variety of ways (check out the boots!) and truly enjoyed the variety of things we did in our session, including one on one time with both mom and dad.

Prior to us splitting up (an awesome dinner was in store at this gorgeous little town), we finished off in the "twilight" hour of the night.. and of course, with mom & dad together!

It's always so amazing to remember a shot of the couple holding the family together.


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