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The B Family - Mt. Airy Lavender

I think we're coming up on our 3rd time together for a session with this little gang!

Mom (also a photographer!) suggested the gorgeous lavender field of Mt. Airy. I had never been so we spent plenty of time together walking around and exploring the farm.

Little Lucy has recently celebrated turning a WHOLE HAND old so this was the perfect opportunity to enjoy a nice summer evening and update the family portraits!

Between sunflowers and now the lavender, I'm getting a lot more comfortable with our buzzing little bumblebee friends. We saw plenty and it was sweet to see these little guys doing their work.

Lucy was able to get some one-on-one time with mommy, who is often behind the camera and not so much in front of it. We did a little bit of extra focus on this part and so much sweetness came of it!

As the sun was settling, we were able to move over to a larger part of the lavender, where we got even more mommy & me time.

As we were finishing up... with some lovely shots of mom & dad... Lucy joined us for one last group hug, resulting in a lovely "frame this on the wall" picture!

Thank you for our session, and a huge thank you again to Mt. Airy for their gorgeous farm!

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