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The F & J Family (Extended) - Malvern, PA

Here's one type of session I'm a big fan of... Extended Families!

The F Family has been with me for YEARS now (like, before little Nella was ever born!) and they brought along the J Family for a gift for their mom.

This session was just pure beauty. The light, the outfits, the color coordination, the kids, the smiles... it was all so pretty! Pat on the back for all!

I got the email with this request for mom's upcoming birthday. Guys - truly... these types of sessions make for a beautiful gift for the grandparents! Getting together with your siblings as adults...getting the cousins together... and even including the grands... it's truly amazing! I recommend it for sure. You will never regret having too many people of your entire family.

With these sessions... we focus on your entire group, splitting into smaller groups, and each individual family. Win, win, win!

Here are some highlights from their gorgeous session:


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