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The Gold for Hope Project - Anna

If I didn't find Photography rewarding in some way then it would obviously not be the right fit for me, right?

To get more of the "rewarding" feeling, I signed up as a volunteer photographer for Gold for Hope.

As a non-profit, they match photographers up with nearby families whose children are experiencing childhood cancer. By matching these families with these photographers, it’s allowing us to capture a frozen moment for these families that they normally wouldn’t be thinking about!

Meet little Anna!

She was so full of spunk (definitely gave me a work-out!) and her family was an absolute joy to be with. Anna's siblings (4 of them!) were all so helpful in working with me and helping to get the wonderful shots we got (even the teary-eyed ones).

Anna was diagnosed at 7 months old in 2018. She has been through a number of surgeries and over 200 days in the hospital for blood infections and chemotherapy treatments, along with countless blood transfusions.

As of March 2020, Anna has officially been Chemotherapy-free for 3 months!

Keep up the prayers for little Anna!


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