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The J Family | Elverson, PA

Oh man, this was a whirlwind!

This family had originally reached out to me around June... the oldest son had an idea to do a family session as a birthday gift for their mom. I was like "AWW!!!". So we planned for the fall... and we planned..and planned... and schedules just never aligned!

We got together this Spring and planned on meeting at Hopewell Furnace. I was excited because I had never been, and that still remains the same because it didn't happen this evening either. Apparently - they close at a certain time. OOPS!

I was able to drive by and recognized Lake Harmony nearby so we were luckily able to find a great place! The night called for potential storms (seriously - we had so much going against us) and we took the first half of our session to get some formal images and get more comfortable in front of the camera.

The lake cleared out of visitors who were fishing and this allowed us to get closer to the water. Everything aligned and the sun came out, and there was so much awesome colors from the kayaks, and everyone was a lot more comfortable... we can confidently say that we ended on a beautiful note!

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