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The K Family - Carbon County, PA

A new puppy calls for a photo session, right?

I first met the K family through my significant other. Eventually, little Bo (the puppy) was introduced to the family and we got everyone in front of the camera in their beautiful home in Lehington (Carbon County, PA... think Jim Thorpe!).

With such a beautiful amount of space to use, we took a walk to the field while little Dean rode his bike over (lucky!). Little Mabel was unsure of what we were doing, but was such a little ham once she realized what we were up to!

We were able to get some sweet captures with Bo, Oliver, big bro Dean, and of course, mommy and daddy!

Walking over a little more, we tried to get close to the water with mommy and the doggies...

...finishing off with some mommy and Bo cuddles before having Mabel show me her mini-horse - Magic! Aren't they cute?!


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