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The L Family - Malvern, PA

I met mom about 8-9 years ago when we were in college together. That both feels like forever ago, but also 3 years ago. It wasn't the typical college experience. I was pregnant with my oldest, couldn't fit in the chairs, and we shared a dislike for Statistics (why was I taking statistics anyways?!)

Now... it's her turn! Mom & Dad are soon celebrating a 10 year anniversary, but also celebrating little A's 1 year birthday this month. So it was the perfect opportunity for a session!

We celebrated with some mommy love and some daddy love.

Adeline was a *little* shy, but she sure did love to clap!

I made sure to give mommy & daddy a little bit of attention ahead of their anniversary, and they even confessed to barely having pictures of them together!

To finish off... an allergy-friendly cake smash. Not sure if we were a fan, however...

Happy birthday, lovely!


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