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The M Family | Chamber's Lake

If you ever say to me: can we just go play by the water and get wet? My answer will always be: absolutely.

Will I be prepared by wearing proper shoes and clothing? No. Will I still get in the water? Yes. Always yes. But maybe I should prepare for my feet's sake in advance?

I have known this family since Mason (our biggest one!) was born! This gang never fails to amaze me. It gets crazier every year, and in doing so, so do our pictures! I love it! Check out a couple of our past sessions here: Narvon, PA; West Chester, PA; Mommy & Me

We started as a typical session, with plenty of "no!!!!!" involved. These always make parents worried and nervous that our session isn't going well, but scroll on and see just how wrong that can be! We ended our night in the water AND!!!! with ICE CREAM. Mommy FOR THE WIN.


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