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The M Family - Glenmoore, PA

How it started vs. How it's going:

I first met this family after they moved from VA in early 2019. We started with the littlest one was just about to turn 1. We're on session 3 now... and really, we're best friends.

I started walking over to them during this session and had to stop myself when little G came bolting toward me with a gleeful "EMMIIIWEEEE!!!!!" and a big hug. That, to me, is the connection I seek for in seeing "my" families every year. It's getting comfortable with each other, seeing the growth, and being there to get all those little smiles, pouts, tears, laughter at least once a year.

Little G then immediately noticed the gummies in my bag and proceed to run away, so maybe his hug was two-fold? Either way, it made my afternoon!

We had a heck of a workout during this session. 3-year-olds are NO joke when it comes to energy. Lots of laughter ensued, lots of running, and lots of "Miss Emilly has gummies!"

Here are their highlights:


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