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The M Family - Mommy & Me | Glenmoore, PA

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is capturing the connection with everyone in the family. There's such a special bond between each person and it's an amazingly rewarding experience to be a part of.

I recently worked with Jess and her 3 little ones! She has her hands full but in a way that there's so much love involved.

I originally met Jess when Mason (now 7) was born. It's been SO long! We've been "together" through so many milestones and I'm consistently honored to be there to capture these.

With lots of hugs, there were plenty of giggles and excitement as we started. We played "ring around the Rosie" and captured some beautiful shots of the kids having fun and being carefree.

As we continued the session, Mom and Chesney twirled and danced together, with the movement being a beautiful end result in our images! Mason received lots of tickles and gave Mom some kisses (took some coaxing!) while Kelley was full of silliness.

This type of session is always an amazing opportunity to do. My job is not about capturing the perfect shot or getting the right lighting (although, it helps!). Capturing the emotions and connection is truly what I aim for and this session was a perfect example.

Check out some of their highlights!


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