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The M Family - West Chester, PA

I first met and worked with this family when Mason (the oldest one!) was a newborn. Boy,...have we come a long way! We've been through various family sessions and even a virtual maternity session! The Marasco Family are also realtors and dad supported me in my first home buying process... so I guess you can say we've been through a lot!

The boys like to keep me on my toes, and this day was no different. We balance that with lots of running, giggles, and "rough-housing".

The colors of West Chester (Everhart) were beautiful! Mom was so hoping for these colors for our session, and it did not disappoint!

We veered off near the playground and had to use that as bribery for the boys to keep going, of course. Once we got through these next beautiful colors, they went off to play!

Like... how gorgeous was this day?!

We got to focus a little bit on Chesney as well, as the birthday girl, of course!

Little Chesney got some extra love with dad before the boys left us for the evening.

Then, we kick-started our Mommy & Me love for the birthday girl... and then... heading into an outfit change. Stay tuned for the 2nd half of our gorgeous session!


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