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The P Family - Malvern, PA

The running theme this year (and last) has been 3 reschedules... or.. it seems that way. In this case... it was a few weeks later than originally planned (and after Sky's birthday!) before we finally got together.

But we did and... we made magic.

It was a hot evening, but the gorgeous sunlight was basking all over the grounds as we explored, played airplane, and eventually... ate cake!

Little S couldn't quite walk just yet, but she sure had fun trying! She was a little apprehensive at first (as are most 1 year olds... and let's not forget- quarantine babies), but had lots of snuggles with both mom and dad throughout our session.

Ending with a yummy cake (that dad even got in on!), we celebrate Skylar's birthday with the most adorable of attitudes!

See our highlights:

Happy 1, Skylar!

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