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The S Family - Chamber's Lake

What a fun session!

Becky is a fellow photographer in the area and of course, needed to get her family portraits updated too. We last minute made it all work and met up for a beautiful afternoon in Coatesville.

Brynlee was super energetic, having just come back from dance. Close to mom, she showed me some of her favorite dance moves!

The boys joined us for a start to our portraits and it was great introducing Hudson and dad!

Becky is a newer photographer in the area (see her here!) so we did a little bit of photography talk in between these amazing and fun captures!

We spent about a little bit with mommy and Hudson...

and then these little photo bombers blocked my "mom and dad" shot!

The weather was so beautiful this day. The light, the temperature... and while it's not normal to "sit in a field and cuddle"... it just felt like an amazing opportunity here.

Thank you for such a beautiful session!


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