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The U Family - Malvern, PA

This family is going to be a little extra special since we'll be celebrating a vow renewal together in a few months! Yay!

This evening was my first time meeting Tara, Dustin, and the little ones, but it definitely helped to make everyone more comfortable as we move forward with preparations for the renewal.

Jack took a little bit to get comfortable, but he was so playful once we became besties. And those EYES were to die for! Little Ev was a social butterfly from the get-go, and we had so much fun showing off our outfit for the camera!

The night before our session, Dustin celebrated his birthday (happy birthday, dad!), and after a few reschedules (weather, sickness.. life happens!), I even suggested the possibility of a birthday night session! But this Sunday evening worked out perfectly!

While I always end a session with a picture of mom and dad... I wanted to focus a little bit extra on Tara and Dustin as we plan on celebrating their renewal this upcoming August. These two did not disappoint with their chemistry and how much fun they had!

After giving the kids a "break", we loved on them a little individually, having some dancing fun with mommy, and goofing around with daddy. So fun and seriously... what a great memory to hang up on the wall!

These little ones were such great helpers...! They did so well during their session and loved playing!

When I said these two had fun... like, seriously. The laughs and interaction between these two were such a fun thing to see and capture. I can't wait for the 10-year celebration.


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