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Southern Mansion, Cape May | Liz & Eric

In advance, I'm going to let you know that when you scroll alllll the way down on this post, you'll see the cheeky way that Liz & Eric decided to celebrate their "plague" wedding... Major props to these two! But before we get to that, here's the story...

The first time I "met" Liz & Eric was over a zoom call a good 2.5 years before this October day. 2020 happened and in between all of that, we just never did our engagement session, so "hiii where's my groom?" upon walking into the building elicited some laughs from Eric, because, HELLOOOOO, he's the groom. Oops on me, but again, it's been a while.

The Southern Mansion in Cape May... wow. What a beautiful Victorian-styled location, This is a beautiful location but also a bed & breakfast! So do yourself a historic favor and go stop on by! With Liz being a teacher... I can see the appeal. The overall look, the history of it, the architecture... it was a stunning location for this couple.

The twists and turns walking in... there was so much to see and they made sure to adorn the place with all of their favorite details.

The ceremony was beautifully held outdoors, with the home as a backdrop. Liz came down the wrap-around stairs with her dad, and it just added such a beautiful flair to the day! Cocktail hour and reception combined by starting outside, where speeches were held and guests were shown a hilarious series of images/drawings detailing the couple. After a yummy dinner, the party kicked off... and it did not stop. Between "cake in the face" (poor Eric) and just non-stop dancing, this was a party to be a part of!

See their highlights:

P.S. Those seashells? Gathered during the couple's many trips to Cape May! They gathered enough seashells to have everyone's name written on them. How cute is that?

And... without further ado. The Plague.

Here's the story I heard:

Long before 2020... Liz & Eric have shared a love for history (Liz is a social studies teacher, so I mean... yes). And for their Save the Dates, they took pictures with these hand-made Plague Masks. YES. BEFORE THE PANDEMIC WHAT.

They did their pictures and went about their way exceppppttt that the pandemic hit in 2020 (did they foresee this?!) and now HERE WE ARE. A PLAGUED WEDDING. I can't even. I love these two.

Also - color or B&W?



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