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Lorelai - Gold Hope Project | Wyomissing, PA

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When The Gold Hope Project reached out with a family looking for a photo shoot, I said "absolutely!". It's been a pleasure working with this project, so I was excited to for a new little person to work with.

Lorelai, who was about to turn 5 years old during our session, was diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis in December of 2022, so this made our session all the more meaningful. Langerhans is a rare cancer-like condition that causes an overgrowth of histiocytes. This overgrowth results in tumors that cause damage to surrounding bones, tissues, and organs.

We wanted to capture Lorelai's spunk (and there was a LOT!) and her time with her brother and mom. This outdoor field in Wyomissing was the perfect setting for running around!

As soon as she hopped off the car, I could see that Lorelai was full of energy with her sassy little self!

Despite Lorelai’s recent diagnosis, she was a little fighter, and we were able to capture her spirit in the photos. We took some playful shots of her twirling in her dress and dancing with her mom and brother. We also captured some loving cuddle moments, which showed the love between the trio. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to capture these moments, and I hope that these photos bring joy and comfort to Lorelai and her family for many years to come.

From mom: "Just before her diagnosis, Lorelai was having difficulty walking and eventually could not put any weight on her legs. Her treatment consists of chemo.

Cancer has had a big impact on our daily lives. Lorelai can't be in daycare or start school. We can't have her around her brother who is her best friend because he goes to daycare and is in kindergarten. We have to keep the kids separated which is very hard. Due to these separations, I see her less, sometimes only once a week for chemo.

Lorelai has gone through everything in the book; from the time I was pregnant with her - she was not supposed to be born - she has fought battle after battle. She has spent time and been treated in every pediatric department in our hospital and still, she is fighting."

Please consider joining Lorelai's Support Page.

childhood cancer, family session, birthday girl, child photographer, wyomissing, fields, mom and daughter

childhood cancer, family session, child photographer, wyomissing, fields, sunset, family, mom and son

childhood cancer, family session, birthday girl, child photographer, wyomissing, fields, mom and daughter, sunset


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