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Heritage Hills Resort - York, PA | Amy & Wes

This was supposed to be a 2020 wedding. In fact, this was such a while coming, that when I first spoke with Amy on the phone, she was nearly due with giving birth to her daughter. And if you scroll on by, you'll see just how big little Gracie got!

What was supposed to be a 2020 wedding turned into a 2021 wedding... on a gorgeous day, with a beautiful couple, surrounded by many loved ones. So I say the day was still a success, wouldn't you agree?

I first joined Amy & Wes as their church, CABC. Following this, I joined them on the grounds of Heritage Hills Resort where we immediately jumped in with gorgeous family portraits, bridal party... and of course, a family photo of the 4!

We continued on with Amy & Wes' portraits, enjoying the beautiful grounds the venue had to offer.

A reception came soon after, where the dance floor was going hardcore following dinner! Amy slipped out of her gown into an adorable shorter (and better to dance in) white dress and joined the dance floor! The view from the hall was gorgeous, as we got to see the overall grounds and the blue sky quickly passing us by.

Enjoy their highlights!


Venue: Heritage Hills Golf Resort


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