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Radnor Country Club | Liz & Paul

Hello Beautiful... How's it going?

bride and groom at night time at radnor country club kissing in the rain

Liz & Paul have got to be one of the sweetest couples I’ve met. Liz & I bonded over our shared love for the Jonas Brothers (yes!) and Paul & I bonded over Liz’s love for the Jonas Brothers (yepppp).

We never had an official consult and didn’t actually meet until our engagement session over the summer. But, if you know me, you know how friendly I am. So by the time we actually met, it felt like we had known each other forever!

November was the big month, and oh, what a gorgeous day it was! There was no sun, but that did not take away from the love, happiness, and amazing celebration.

The ceremony took place at the beautiful St. Matthias Church, a church where Liz’s family grew up in.

Following this beautiful ceremony, we headed back to Radnor Country Club where it was beautifully decorated with maroons and greens. And that cake! Yum!

Ok... seriously... the cake. How beautiful is this? Kudos to Clays Bakery at:

Remember how I said there was no sun? And how it‘s November....? By the time portraits came, we were shooting in the dark... I mean, literally. In. The. Dark. But the results? So, so, so stunning.

with a gorgeous drizzle...

Can't forget the night of partying! Complete with a flash mob from bridesmaids (what?! Look at Liz’s reaction!), an exit with ribbons, and of course... lots and lots of fun.

I can’t wait to continue growing with you.

VENDORS: PHOTOGRAPHY: Emilly Ziegler w/ Photos by Emilly BRIDAL DRESS: Bijou Bride


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