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Sweet Arrow Lake | Cody & Cherie

Our story with Cherie and Cody can begin during our engagement session... a beautiful warm evening at a gorgeous location, where we got to know each other so much.

When I arrived to begin their wedding coverage, I felt like Cherie and I had been friends for years.

Their lovely home was beautifully decorated, allowing for a gorgeous pop of color in their wedding details.

In an effort to release some butterflies, we planned a special moment where Cherie and Cody were able to pray together and take a minute to breathe the moment.

Our ceremony took place overlooking Sweet Arrow Lake. A perfect view for a perfect summer day. The altar was beautifully decorated with floral, surrounded by family and friends.

After nuptials? Nothing could beat those smiles.

Following family portraits, our small bridal party joined in for pictures before letting Cherie and Cody have their one on one time. These two did not disappoint.

The gorgeous view of the lake made for a beautiful background to our portraits.

The party was an eventful and exciting one, with lots of laughter, dancing, amazing food, and a beautiful couple.

To end the evening? Back to the water we go, as the clouds rolled in to close out the perfect summer night.

Photography: Photos by Emilly

Baker: Dutch Way Floral: Majestic Florals by Mickey


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