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South Mountain Inn, Wernersville | Alison & Johnny

The story goes... Alison proposed to Johnny after a Dungeons & Dragons late night session. She was tired of waiting. It obviously worked because we just celebrated the most beautiful and intimate day together.

The rings came next, as Johnny designed a ring and had his mom (a jewelry maker!!) help him in making the ring they designed together. Alison eventually took on a class as well and she was then able to make him his own ring. You want to talk about putting your all into a gift? This is it.

I'm used to full-day wedding days, where we start mid-day and go well into the late hours of the night. Days with 100+ people in attendance... various bridal party members... and just a lot of "go, go, go". Don't get me wrong, I love those days. I love the rush. I love meeting new people.

But this was a different day and one that felt just perfect for Johnny & Alison.

We had under 15 people. We started early morning. We had lunch.

The day radiated with their love and even though we had a small group of people, the love and care for one another was totally there.

We laughed during "getting ready", we enjoyed hugs during our first look, and we heard beautiful promises during the ceremony. What was especially different here was Alison doing IT control in streaming the ceremony, serving her guests champagne, and telling me to pleeeaase sit with them for lunch (I didn't, but that's really because I'm just so used to sitting off to the side and decompressing that way. All the love, Alison!)

Every single detail of the day was handmade in a way that involved them as a couple or their family member & friends.

Thank you both for trusting me to capture your love this day. I am so thankful to have been a part of it.

Congratulations, you two.


Photographer: Photos by Emilly


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