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Penn's Landing | Christine & Adam

These 2 braved the frigid cold before a major snowstorm... and I couldn't have been happier with the results.

We met in Philadelphia's Penn Landing to go ice skating. How fun and cool is that!? Christine was a newbie but was lovingly supported by Adam who had more experience. As for me? I was on the sidelines, of course, since I'm the klutziest and would in no way have made it safely on the rink!

We started on the outskirts of the rink, capturing the beautiful remnants of the Christmas holiday as we entered January. With hot chocolate in hand, we explored what Penn's Landing had to offer before putting on our (but not me) skates!

Adam was such a trooper in helping Christine get situated on the ice!

Pretty soon we were dancing and cuddling in the rink! These two were a natural!

We finished with a walk, where we got to see a beautiful view of the bridge as the day turned to a close. The city was still pretty lively while waiting for the snow storm!


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