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Wyomissing Trails | Matt & Courtney

Matt & Courtney - Congratulations on your engagement!

Courtney and I chatted via email for a while before we had our session. We wanted fall season (of course - so beautiful!) and it made sense since they got engaged last fall (on Halloween!).

Leading up to our session - the weather was not cooperating. It was calling for rain all day. A quick scramble around and we made the early morning time work and we were good to go after that!

We met up in Wyomissing, on the beautiful trails, chatting and incorporating images along the way. A date is not officially set yet, but the idea of these two simply enjoying their engagement is so amazing!

Along the way, we talked about things they enjoy doing and the fall season is a big one for them. The following weekend - they were getting ready to go ghost hunting. GHOST HUNTING! How fun is that?!

Congrats, again, Matt & Courtney! It was truly a pleasure.

Location: Wyomissing, PA Photography: Photos by Emilly


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