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Philadelphia Ballroom | Chelsea & Tom

Chelsea & Tom are a classic "we met at work" connection. Their silliness and fun nature made for a wonderful engagement session when we first met (super crazy heat and all).

For their big day, this Spring day was a perfect mix of warmth and chill. Groom prep turned out to be a bit dramatic when pants were missing! For a good moment, the general idea was that Tom would be getting married in basketball shorts... but dad saved the day and Tom had pants on after all.

We joined in the ceremony at the beautiful St. Katherine of Siena in Philadelphia... a short walk to Tom's parent's home!

Following the ceremony, we joined their family & bridal party for all of our fun portraits at Lorimer Park. Henry, their 8 year old Pomeranian, had to jump in for a family picture as well!

Their reception kicked off at the Philadelphia Ballroom where Tom & Chelsea did their first dance to a rendition of Beauty & the Beast. Disney lovers - I am ALLLLL for it!

The party lasted all night with tons of celebrations and dancing!


Photography: Photos by Emilly

Portraits: Lorimer Park

Florist: Leroy's Flowers

Hair & Make-Up:


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