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Valley Forge | Chelsea & Thomas

Chelsea and Thomas reached out to me for their April 2022 Wedding and I later came to realize that I had just recently done her sister's family session! So that's on keeping it in the family! Yay me!

We planned for our session and settled on the gorgeous Valley Forge area, where we also had her sister's family session. Tara came along with us to help with Henry, so I enlisted her help often to get smiles and laughs throughout the session!

Henry was a fluffy little puppers, who was pretty excited to be involved! He got lots of love and kisses during our time together! I wonder what plans Chelsea and Thomas will have for including him in the wedding?

Chelsea & Thomas were such a pleasure to spend time with! We truly spent so much time laughing and goofing around, which gave me a gorgeous glimpse into their relationship!

As we continued to walk around, Henry continued to be a huge part of our session.

It was such a fun time meeting these two (well... three!). I can't wait for the Philadelphia wedding this coming April!


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