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Your Wedding Details

What the heck are “wedding details” and why are we talking about it.

No fear! I’m here to help. We have a lot of words to describe the day in the wedding industry, so some of it may feel like a whole other language, so let me translate.



All of the little things you worked so hard on making it fit your perfect day, so let’s get these things photographed too!

We start with “bride and groom details”. Before the big day, I’ll point these out to you to help you prep them. We capture them on their own or utilize your venue as much as possible to capture these little areas.

Rings, shoes, floral, trinkets, dress… the options are endless and these are a beautiful way to remember some of these aspects.

Then, it’s time for your ceremony & reception. Your guests are seeing these items all night, so let’s take a look at them! Whether you create a lavish area, or are a minimalist… let’s photograph them.

What do you think? What’s your favorite detail of the day?

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