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5 Day-of Wedding Tips You Need to Know

Ready for some fun and quick "must-know" day-of wedding tips?

Here are 5 Quick Tips You Need to Know for making your wedding more successful!

1. Ring Bearer


But guess what? Little tiny baby hands cannot hold your valuable wedding bands, no matter how beautiful the box, pillow, child, etc, is.

What can you do?

  • Give them a fake set to carry, and have the best man/responsible person hold on to the rings for the ceremony.

  • Don't attach the rings to anything during the ceremony - it'll be a weird moment getting them removed during the exchange of the portion of the rings.

2. Flower Girl


But with adorable little girls, comes little toddlers who simply become shy, overwhelmed, tired, excitable, etc (yes, even after rehearsing it all).

What can you do?

  • Set your expectations low. Know that you may need an additional person to walk down the aisle with the flower girl.

  • Bribe them! Have someone at the end of the aisle with "treats" (whatever they prefer) to bribe them to walk down. Gummies work amazingly well!

3. Speeches

This one can be nerve-wracking to so many, but so important.

  • Don't google your speech. Let it come from the heart. "For those of you who don't know me...." is a popular beginning line! Change yours! What works well? "My name is Awesome and I am the best person to the Bride...." Simple. Easy. Done.

  • Don't overdrink prior to your speech. Just... don't.

  • Keep it short. Three minutes TOPS. Time yourself prior to it to check. Trust me... people are hungry. Do not go over 3 minutes.

4. Water

Drink. Water. This one starts well prior to the wedding. But do not forget this essential bit.

  • Water will keep you hydrated and allow you to drink more alcohol. Yay!

  • Water will help you from fainting, getting ill, etc (it happens!)

5. Snacks

Have a designated person carry a small bag around with snacks for everyone throughout the day! It goes by so quickly, but I don't know about you, but I get hangry.

  • Light snacks to avoid extreme hunger

  • Light snacks to maintain blood sugars and avoid fainting, etc (it happens.)

Let's discuss your Wedding Day Experience!


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