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Your Wedding Experience

Still in the process of planning? Still unsure of what you need?

I can help.

As your photographer, I'm your friend... I'm your shield... I'm your support. Seriously!


"Beyond any bride or groom's wildest and highest expectations. Her personality radiates through her work she shares online....She and her team were INCREDIBLE. Flawless. Professional. Creative. The absolute dream team...." - Mr. & Mrs. N.


I aim to make a connection with all of my clients. That is essential for helping the day flow perfectly (or, as close to it as we can!). By coordinating with you in advance and being organized the day of... I'm taking one of many pressures off of you.

Need referrals for any wedding day vendors?

Just ask! My list is constantly growing and the wedding community is large. Community over competition. We all work together.

Let's layout the overall wedding experience with Photos by Emilly:

Your engagement session:

You need save the dates, you want to celebrate your engagement, or...heck, you just want pictures together! I have a whole private portion of my website dedicated to you to prepare. From the 'where', 'when', and 'what to wear', I got you covered. This section of my page is readily available for all clients upon booking.

A month prior:

We're down to the wire! Can you believe how quickly it all went?

A questionnaire is sent out to you where your final details are shared with me. Including ceremony & reception time, anything happening I should be made aware of, key family members, etc. From this questionnaire, we'll touch base and get all of our i's dotted and our t's crossed!

The day of:

It's here! The day you've been waiting for. How does it go? There's so much going on and I'm sure you're nervous. Breathe. I got you.

What is "bridal" and "groom" prep and what is happening here?

We start the day together in what we call "prep time". This is the time where your details are captured, the special moment of getting ready, and a moment of excitement before the day continues.

Doing a first look? Planning a traditional ceremony? Whichever one you pick - we'll plan it and coordinate together. (Need more information on first looks?)

Does the thought of gathering your family members for pictures seem daunting? It doesn't for me! Why? I come prepared.

With a ready-to-go list of key members along with my carrying voice (hey, it's needed), family formals are efficient and painless (ok, just kidding... your cheeks will hurt by the end). Worried about how portraits as a newlywed will flow? You’re excited. You’re tired. Your feet hurt. Your cheeks hurt. You’re married. Let’s start off with your bridal party (if you have one)... the people who are close to you and have been supporting you. With my organization and “leader” mentality, these flow well and we get them done in order to focus on the most important part of the day...


It’s your turn as a couple. It’s been a long day, hasn’t it? I guide you in every part. First, let’s just take a moment to breathe. Give each other a hug. You. Are. Married.

Rain or Shine. I got you.

Can't wait for the reception? Here's how this one goes: If I tell you that the reception portion of your day goes by the quickest, would you believe me? Let's soak it all in, and enjoy every moment. We're celebrating you, so, let's make sure you get to do that too! From your grand entrance to your special first dances to the party overall, I'm there to capture all the tears, the laughter, the drunken dancing, up until the very end.

Ready to discuss more?



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