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Your First Look Experience

If you're here, the first question you probably had was "what's a first look and why do I want/not want it?"

It's ok if you don't know what it is. Seriously. The Wedding World uses a lot of weird language to define things and while the industry knows it, it can get a bit confusing!


Let's start with the basics:

What the heck is a first look?

The first look occurs prior to the ceremony and it's a moment for the couple to "view" each other without the traditional aspect of walking down the aisle. It's a private moment for the couple, and one to share together and alone.

What's the other option?

Instead of a first look, you can opt for the traditional "walking down the aisle toward each other" moment. In this case, the couple will not see each other until they meet at the end of the aisle for their ceremony. This moment is shared between the couple and all of their guests.

Let's weigh out our options... I love a good pros and cons list!

Why you want a FIRST LOOK:

1. You get to see each other before the ceremony! This helps ease all worries, stress, fears, jitters... and provides you with a sense of calm before you join as a married couple.

2. Privacy: This is your moment together. Share your emotions together and enjoy a little bit of time alone before proceeding with the day.

3. Picture time: Having a first look allows for more time for pictures with the bridal party, family, and of course, you!

4. More picture time allows the potential to join your cocktail hour/reception earlier, or... a little break before the reception starts!

Why you want a TRADITIONAL LOOK:

1. You want to stick with tradition. Self-explanatory.

2. You want to share the moment you see each other for the first time with all your friends and family.

3. Your schedule doesn’t allow for a first look.

Does this help? I know planning can be really overwhelming. Whatever direction I can help point you in.... let’s do it!

Remember.... I got you.


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